Breed Info

The Cane Corso is a powerful and athletic Molosser breed, without being too heavy and “over-muscular” as its larger cousin the Mastino Napoletano. For centuries the breed has been used as a multi-purpose dog, and it can still be used as such.

The Corso has a stable mind, is alert and protective and is doing well in obedient training, it is submissive to its human family, yet suspicious, alert and threatening to strangers, which makes them formidable family guardians.

The Cane Corso shall be longer than its hight, his head large and clearly show that he belongs to the Molosser-group. The drooping ears are almost always cropped in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The tail is set fairly high, is very thick at the root and is usually docked at the fourth vertebra.

The Corsos has a very thick shiny coat with a light undercoat. The colour given in the original standard is black, plumb-grey, slate, light grey, light fawn, deer fawn, dark fawn and tubby (very well marked stripes on different shades of fawn and grey). In the fawny and tubby subjects, there is a black or grey mask only on the muzzle and shouldn’t go beyond the eye line. A small white patch on the chest, on the feet tips, and on the nose bridge is accepted.

Height at withers for males is 64-68 cm. (25-27 in).
Height at withers for females is 60-64 cm. (23,5-25 in).
Weight for males range from 45-50 kg. (99-110 lbs), ratio weight/size O.710 (Kg/cm).

For females the weight ranges from 40-45 kg. (88-99 lbs), ratio weight/size 0.680 (Kg/cm).

Temperament & Personality

The biggest factor in a Cane Corso’s temperament is that one should never be fearful, as this would go against the natural instincts of a guard dog. The Cane Corso is reserved and confident, territorial, and keenly alert to its surroundings. Our Cane Corsi tend to be quiet and easy keepers, usually indifferent to others approaching unless a real threat is perceived.

The breed is always eager to please, it is also easy to obedience train. They form a strong bond with their primary owners and is very protective over them. However, don’t be fooled by the Cane Corso’s guard dog instincts, it is docile and loving with its owners, and affectionate with children and families.

Our Cane Corsos at Velocity are first and foremost loyal family companions and guardians. All of our dogs and breedings are carefully vetted to ensure the correct temperament is had and achieved.
All of Velocity Cane Corso puppies come with a written LIFETIME Temperament Guarantee.


The average life expectancy of a Cane Corso is approximately 10 to 12 years. Our first Cane Corso was our Angel which we got in 1995. Angel lived to be 14 years of age, she has been our oldest lived to date. To be honest she aged well for such a large breed and never had any serious health issues.

As a large and robust dog, Cane Corsi can have the typical bone and joint problems of giant breeds. Providing proper nutrition and preventing obesity from occurring can help reduce the risk of degenerative joint disease.

Cane Corso’s can also be prone to common eye defects, such as entropion, ectropion, and glandular hypertrophy, or "Cherry eye."
All of Velocity Cane Corso puppies come with a Written 24 month Health Guarantee.

Excellent housekeeper

Cane Corsi make excellent watchdogs and will alert their people to approaching strangers, but it's not their style to bark without cause.


Cane Corsi need daily exercise and daily walks to keep them at a healthy weight and happy.